Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Blessing day :)

September 4th we had the blessing at Jackie and Tyler's ward.  Little Grayson did so well, no crying.  Other kids were crying though :)  Made it hard to hear Tyler but of course he gave a great blessing, he is such a good Dad.
We had a dinner after and had a great turn out.  Some family had to leave early and some friends came and went before we got some pictures but we had fun and appreciated everyone coming to show love to the family :)

My three girls!  and unhappy Grayson ;)

We played and visited and ate yummy food and celebrated a new life, it doesn't get better than this!!

Grandbaby #2

August 9th was a big day for Jackie :)  She started feeling yucky days before this but today was the day that Grayson decided he was going to be born.  We had been taking "bets" on when he would come and Grandpa Young was one day off again.  So next baby we should know what day it will happen for sure :)

Jackie getting all settled in
We packed up and headed to the hospital around 10.  Her contractions were about every 4 or 5 minutes so we decided to hurry over to the hospital because her Doctor had told her since Dallin had been born so fast she shouldn't wait around for very long.  Anyway got to the hospital and the contractions slowed and stopped, so what do we do?  We went to Chik-fil-A of course :)  After lunch we headed back to the hospital.  My sister Judy took Dallin so that Hope could be in the delivery room also but below are some pics of us waiting to see if anything was really truly happening :)  He is such a cute :)

I really wish I could write that the labor and delivery were nice and calm but that is not the case.  Jackie's epidural failed sooooo it was a very intense time.  I am not sure if I would want to be in the room again if the epidural doesn't work.  I am sure Jackie feels the same, after a few almost swear words and some awesome pushing little Grayson came into our lives :)
someday he will hate me for this picture but I wanted to show his weight
There was a little more going on in the delivery room since they needed more nurses because they were taking cord blood and I think a failed epidural also made it so they just came running.  I was kind of in the way so this shot was about as good as it got haha.

Another adorable little boy to brighten our days :)
Lucky little man with a great Mom and Dad!
We all wanted to hold him except Dallin ;)  That came much later haha

Welcome to the family little Grayson!!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Family Reunion 2016

Our Family reunion this year was at the family cabin.  Noreen put it on for us and she never disappoints!!  The fun just went on and on :)

We had fun visiting and playing games of course but she planned some really fun activities.
Heidi and Grandma

 We played a great game of kickball. It was fun to see everyone out there running around even with the gopher mounds :)

 We put together skits out of our mystery bags :)  I have to admit I have zero creativity when it comes to this kind of stuff but I tried to be helpful haha :)

Look at that face!!!!

Emma and Sam

Lora and Judy

 Dallin loved the skits and the charades and of course ring around the rosey :)
 A few years ago Jerri started us all on this family quilt idea.  We each send a certain size piece of material to everyone that wants to make a quilt and then we each make a quilt out of the pieces.  This was our second time doing it and it was fun seeing everyone's idea's.
Judy's, Hope's, Grandma's, and Noreen's

Jackie's, Lora's and Emma's
 I wish I had taken a picture of the scavenger hunt we did down in Fairview!!  Super fun with a race to find all the things.  Brought back so many memories!  It was just a great idea and so much fun for me, not sure what my kids thought but I had fun :) We will have to always remember racing around with Jackie all big and pregnant :)
 I could NOT resist putting these pictures of Chad in here.  We were trying to get a good picture of him so we were all joking around and telling him different poses haha!!  It was great!!
The thinker :)

Dallin putting a balloon in the sling for Grandma to shoot :)
 This was super fun also, we are of course shooting water balloons at targets.  One of the targets was so far out we couldn't even see it :)

 Everyone was having a ball!!

Tage was really into this :)

 Marc showed up for the water balloon shooting.  He had to be at Girl's camp the same time as the reunion but luckily it wasn't too far away so he popped over for some of the fun :)

 Two of my cutie girls with one adorable little man :)

 It was such a great time seeing everyone and spending time being goofy and visiting and eating and all the good things that we all love to do together!!  Look forward to more of these and making more memories :)