Saturday, June 30, 2018

BYU Graduation

 April 13th we were in Rexburg for Isaac's Graduation :)   It was fun to see the difference between Isaac's graduation and Tyler's.  So proud of Isaac and all the hard work he had put into graduating, now on to grad school for him :)  Also Emma will be done in July so this is kind of a tribute to her also!  She has worked hard and is almost done :)
 Here we are waiting patiently for the graduation to start :)

Dare-uh ;)

 Just like that he is done :)  Great couple here, I look forward to many more years of seeing them rock this crazy world we live in :)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Bear Lake 2017

Little Grayson
 Bear Lake, Utah June 22-29 2017 :) We went to a world mark resort in Utah this year.  First year in a long time that all of my siblings were in the same spot at the same time :)  We had a lot of fun playing and visiting and swimming and visiting and eating and then of course eating again :)

 David and Julie came!!  I hadn't seen David in years so it was really good to see him!  Mike and Melinda came also so that was really cool :)

Do they look like Sis and Bro or what?

 Ashlee braving the cold :)  It really did get chilly in the evenings but we had so much fun.  Judy planned some fun games and we had a good time sitting around yelling "Doubles" and rolling dice and trying to get a prize from the saran wrap ball ;)
So cute :)  Jackie and Tyler :)

Ada and Don

Ruth, David, Julie, Melinda, Lance, Luke, and Ethan

Marc, Judy, Ashlee and Kevin

Noreen, Doug and Alyssa

Lindy and Ben, Doug and Jeri, Brianna and Mckade

Russ, Jenni, Blaine, Keston, and Taryn

Tayler, Hope and Grayson, Isaac, Emma, Me and Dallin and Jackie, Tyler

Josie, Amanda, Sebastian, Heidi, Sam

Doug, Lora, Judy, Noreen, Don, Ada, Ruth, Heidi, Russ and Chad
 We are all together for the first time in a long long time :)

 This pic made me laugh because it was so hot and we were all trying to stand in the shade as much as possible :)
Grayson and Jackie :)

 Fun on the boat :)
Love birds :)

Sam kinda is a mission of mine to get a smile :)

 One of our favorite things to do is play a game of kick ball.  We found a park and played and had a really good time. My parents are real go getters and play with us.  First year ever they didn't run the bases and everything. My Mom caught a ball that came right at her and it was impressive!!

 Little video of the saran wrap game :)
Here we are!  Another great year! Now to look forward to our next get together :)  Love family and love family reunions!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Emma and Isaac tie the knot

 And then they were married!!  Just like that :)  The wedding was beautiful and it is fun to watch couples learn and grow together.  It all turned out wonderfully :)
 We were blessed to have quite a few family members come to the wedding :)  Grandma and Grandpa Kinsman and Isaac's Grandpa made it which is great especially since the weather was a little snowy and icy.  Aunt's, Uncle's and cousins.  Siblings and friends :)  It was such a nice day to be surrounded by loved ones :)

Sydney, Hope, Emma, Jackie and Genevieve

The wedding party :)

The parents :)

 Car decorating and all that fun stuff in the super cold NW winter :)

 And they are off!!  On to life and many adventure's :)  So excited to see what their future holds and to spend time with them through out the years ;)