Monday, January 18, 2016

Klamath Falls

 Don and Ada Kinsman Family Reunion 2015 was  success :)  We all went to Klamath Falls Oregon.  My Dad is really sweet and set it up in Oregon so I wouldn't have to travel so far, it made it harder on everyone else but it was nice for me to only have to drive 5 hours instead of 14.  It is a pretty little resort area, with plenty to do.  We mostly hang around the resort and swim and play games.  We had afternoon thunder and lightning storms that always make things fun :)  I think everyone that came had a good time :)
 My sister's had the idea of making a family quilt.  It turned out beautiful and my parents loved it :)

 Look how cute he is!  I had a good time playing with Dallin :)  He is a fun little man and getting so big!
 We all packed up and went to Crater Lake while we were there,  it was a fun day but because of rain we had to get going early in the morning :)  We all hiked around and stopped at a couple of places.  Because we are always a huge group we did get separated from some of the family so I didn't get great family photo's but we got as many as we could.

Josie McCabe

Judy Moesser and Ada Kinsman

Ada Kinsman and Lora Young

Jackie, Dallin and Tyler Jones

Lora, Hope, Jackie and Dallin

Amanda McCabe and Judy Moesser

Heidi McCabe, Lora Young and Judy Moesser

 So this is Sam and he loves to use my phone and on this trip he wanted to use my camera, I told him he had to smile for me in a picture so here we go (he doesn't usually smile haha)  Proof that the boy did have fun AND can smile :)

Josie McCabe taken by Sam McCabe

Marc Moesser taken by Sam McCabe

Hope Gallinger-Long taken by Sam McCabe

Lora at Crater Lake 2015

Kellie Kinsman and Jenni Kinsman
 We got together in the evenings to play games and things so this is what I took. I was a little distracted this year I guess but I love the memories I captured!  I love LOVE family time!  I look forward to it always and as often as possible!  Looking forward to the next adventure :)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Emma's Graduation Trip

I waited too long to write this post so some of the places names are hazy haha, but I want to remember it so here we go.  Emma and Hope planned a drive down the 101 but since Hope moved back to Utah I was the lucky one that got to go with Emma :)  She finished her last class on the 10th I do believe and we hit the road super early on the 11th of June.  4 in the morning seems to be my magic hour to drive haha.

Emma at Cape Perpetua June 2015


We stopped at Cape Perpetua first because we wanted to see a place called Thor's well.  Look it up it looks very cool.  We didn't end up seeing it because we didn't feel like hiking and we had to go all the way to Eureka California because that is where we made reservations at a KOA.  Anyway we just looked around and headed to the next cool beach we saw :) We stopped at Coo's Bay and this beach I do believe was the Gold beach?  The water was so bright and blue is was very pretty :)

I have never been to the Redwoods so it was fun to drive through them and enjoy the massive beautiful tree's.  Very amazing!

Emma and Lora, Redwoods 2015
    I am just now remembering why I stop blogging, I can never get the pictures where I want them and I have zero patience.  So this is what ya get.  The cool mansion above (If that is where is appears)  was in Eureka.  Carson Mansion I do believe, made his money from coal. We spent the night at a KOA just outside of Eureka, it was a cute little cabin and it was kind of fun.  Not too bad.

We hit the road bright and early again, there is a junction in the road where the 101 and 1 meet.  We split off on the 1 because we wanted to stay closer to the water :)  about where the junction was there was a sign for driving through a tree, we wondered if it was real or just a gimmick haha.  We followed the signs and went down this small driveway dirt road and this we paid 5 dollars to this scary looking lady and proceeded hoping for the best.  It was a one way loop and since we were the only people there we sat there and looked at this tree, the hole did NOT look big enough so we debated and then we decided to go to the gift shop and see if anyone had ever gotten stuck before.  The lady told us that a F250 got stuck once and I am not surprised!!  I felt like we barely fit!  It was a little scary but very very cool! Oh yeah I need to mention that after the Chandelier Tree we stayed on the 1 and the lady in the gift shop had told us it was windy twisty but we thought how bad can it it was soooo bad!  It took us 2 hours to go like 40 miles I do believe that was the just crawled by, poor Emma was driving and I think she got car sick it was a lot.  There were some cool little places but mostly just tree's.

I had googled things to see driving down the 101 and the Glass Beach was one of the destinations, so we went to see if it really truly was glass, well it is!  The sight I looked at told the history of the beach, it was an old garbage dump and all the glass was of course from the garbage and the beach beating against it.  Something they neglect to tell you is that the place still smell like a garbage dump, not a fresh one thank goodness but there definitely was a stink to the place.  It was fun to see and it was actually a beautiful spot I find it hard to believe that people thought is was a good place to dump garbage.
Next stop was San Francisco!!  I had never been here so it was fun to experience it with Emma!!
We went to a place called Fort Point to see the bridge.  It is an old military post built I do believe during the civil war, nope just looked it up it was built during the Gold Rush days to protect Americans.  Anywho it was cool to walk through and it gave us some fun shots of the bridge.  From that parking lot we walked up to bridge and walked half way across (Emma refused to walk the whole bridge) It was a fun thing to say I have done.  Ton's of people!  Very interesting to see!

Emma on Golden Gate Bridge! 2015
We spent the night at our scariest stop along the way, it was a KOA outside of San Francisco and we really did fear for our lives that night.  I am not sure if I was freaked out because Emma was or if it really was as scary as I am saying.  It was  a dumpy dirty place and that is all I want to remember about that.  We left super early in the morning and one shining moment out of that stay was the cute herd of sheep we got stuck behind LOL!  It was good I was with Emma because she would have stayed way back behind and not followed the sheepherder who was opening a way for us through the sheep, I hadn't realized she had never experienced that before.  It was  a good learning moment haha.   I loved the size of these succulents in San Fran, they were at the top of a hill by that cool staircase we are by.
I had no idea the Oakland Temple was so close to San Francisco (I really don't look at the map of California that much) any way just across the bay haha so we went there.  It was just beautiful and very interesting.  Cool story, the people from Portland were in the Oakland Temple district until the Seattle Temple was built and then of course the built the Portland temple, I thought that was fascinating.

Lora and Emma in San Fran 2015
Cool castle made out of drift wood
Emma at a place by Carmel by the Sea

This is a beautiful beach in the Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park.  It took us about two hours to drive here from Monterrey where we were staying.  I thought we could actually walk down to the beach but you can't and there were tons of people so it was a quick look and leave situation.  We drove across the famous Bixby bridge though and saw so many beautiful beaches and vistas.  We spent a couple of days in Monterrey, went to church in a cute little chapel surrounded by beautiful tree's and not far from a famous golf course Pebble Beach.  We didn't go there just because I am cheap and I don't care about Golf but anywho I went to Church close by and it was beautiful and was nice.  Funny thing we saw one of the families we saw at church at Disneyland haha, what are the odds huh!

From Monterrey we headed to our final destination Disneyland!!  Yay!  Hope flew in and went to Disney with us and we of course had a great time!  Who doesn't like Disneyland :)  I have to say I am not planning on going in the summer again though haha.  Oh yeah and above one of the things on our "list" was to see the Hollywood sign.  We drove to this place that said it was the best view and decided it was good enough for us haha.  All in all the trip was a huge success!  Emma was happy and that was what it was all about!!  Happy Graduation to her!