Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Emma and Isaac tie the knot

 And then they were married!!  Just like that :)  The wedding was beautiful and it is fun to watch couples learn and grow together.  It all turned out wonderfully :)
 We were blessed to have quite a few family members come to the wedding :)  Grandma and Grandpa Kinsman and Isaac's Grandpa made it which is great especially since the weather was a little snowy and icy.  Aunt's, Uncle's and cousins.  Siblings and friends :)  It was such a nice day to be surrounded by loved ones :)

Sydney, Hope, Emma, Jackie and Genevieve

The wedding party :)

The parents :)

 Car decorating and all that fun stuff in the super cold NW winter :)

 And they are off!!  On to life and many adventure's :)  So excited to see what their future holds and to spend time with them through out the years ;)

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